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I’ve traveled around the world over the years with my work and also my interest in other cultures.

Travel has led me to some of the most interesting areas in the world. I’ve met the most inspiring people who are living their life fully in the present. No wasting time. I’m all for that. Us humans have our fears and often they prevent us from going forward  but only if we let them.

I want to hear from you and what motivated you to be the person you are today.

Take my older sister Rosie pictured here – had cancer off and on over 20 years until she eventually moved on 2 years ago 25th July, the day before her birthday. An amazing lady, who made up her mind she was living in the present, not wasting time and boy did she do it and with style. When she wasn’t thinking of something new to do she was being the best hostess to family and friends. Rosie fitted in with those people who can just throw anything together and it comes out as a lovely welcoming, home-cooked meal. Lovely.

A classy lady and especially as she moved on. Inspiring.

Inspiration can come from the most unlikely places.  Sometimes where there is poverty we see how to truly be grateful for what we have and how to take care of our neighbours on this earth.

What you give out you give back. With your permission if you send me  a short piece I will try to include some parts of it on my blog – perhaps  others will learn from it as you did.

Stay well, happy, grateful and have fun.


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