Parenting Courses

Learn how to guide your children through today's challenges by being consistent, knowledgeable and confident in your parenting.

Hands off parenting relies on luck and allows others to have greater influence on your children's safety.

With Parenting information/training  you learn extra skills for the job.

What others say about my parenting courses

Marie provides comprehensive advice on how to support and mentor young people who are vulnerable to peer pressure and dispels the myths and misinformation about drug abuse.– Kevin Carty, former Head of Garda National Drugs Unit

What will I learn on a parenting course?

The first thing I do is listen to you to see how to help you with parenting. I will ask you some questions about the situation you are facing. The first call is not a finger pointing exercise.

As a parent myself I take a non-judgmental approach. This call is just a chance for me to determine what the issue is and how it is affecting you or your family.

Following this we can then arrange the next step in order to develop solutions. Depending on your needs we can meet face to face, on line or you may know other concerned parents who would like me to meet with you all as a group.

If you want support from me, let’s arrange a consultation.

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