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I’ve been asked to give my views on a number of issues. So over the coming weeks I will post some tips that can help relieve some of the burdens we have every day.  Stay happy and healthy.

Everyone has challenges but it is how you respond to them that makes the difference. Some have life changing illness or injuries, relationship issues, bereavements,  employment difficulties or they may have lost most of their material possessions due to the banking crisis, loss of work or illness. These can be difficult times. It is when we learn to work through these challenges one step at a time that our skills and confidence develop. There are some problems we can resolve but others remain ongoing so it is best to keep our thinking just in the day we have. When we are in a negative place in our heads and we project into the future we make ourselves believe that this negative time will always be – and that can become overwhelming. So on a challenging day just deal with what you can in that time and refrain from projecting too far into the future. You can still plan for the future but stay in the present overall. Learn to focus on what you do have and be grateful for that.  Gratitude is important otherwise we overlook what is already there for us. Recognise what you can change and do it. It is important to take care of ourselves both mentally and physically. Stop playing negative movies in your head and focus on what you can change. This will relieve some of the daily stresses we develop. There are always people who will help so don’t stay alone with a problem – make contact with someone and share your concerns. Sharing a load lightens the load.  Remember everyone is born equal. Talk to you later Marie

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