January River

January River

As Brazil prepared for the Olympics, international addiction counsellor Marie Byrne patrols the notorious favelas and streets of Rio de Janeiro with the local Police. This is where drug gang warfare, the cocaine and arms trade and gang warfare take place on a daily basis.

Part social commentary and part travelogue, this fascinating exploration of a city where wealth meets extreme poverty has parallels with other countries such as Ireland and explores how people can become happy and the value of gratitude.

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This book will interest you if you are:

A visitor to Rio de Janeiro - You’ll follows the author’s journey to its famous tourist sites such as Copacabana, Christ The Redeemer, the Sugar Loaf and the fascinating culture and heritage of its people.

Policy makers who want to know to find out how other governments have approached inner city crime.

Read about a side of a world famous city that not many get to visit and gain a unique perspective on it through the eyes of a person who has spent a lifetime working with those who have had their lives destroyed by addiction.

This is what you will learn from this book

• What Rio de Janeiro is really like – its history and the fascinating story of why it attracts so many visitors.
• How the drugs business and the corruption it brings has impacted on the resilience and kindness of its people.
• How a similar story is being played out around the world.

About the author

Marie Byrne is an addiction counsellor who works with governments on drug policies and social issues.

She wrote this book to highlight the impact of the drug trade globally and to show how Ireland has many similarities with Brazil.

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