It’s A Great Time :)


 Hi, I hope everyone is staying well and especially happy just now. Lots of challenges at this time with the Covid issue on top of the everyday situations people have. Instead of getting bogged down this can be a great time for reviewing what you are doing and what changes you can make that will make life happier for you.  People are often in jobs they hate and this may be necessary for a time in order to pay family bills nevertheless how we deal with this situation can make it harder or easier to live with. Others may want to change but have not because they are afraid of the unknown. In reality every new day is an unknown and we only have the present to work within. We cannot change the past or know exactly what the future brings but we can learn how to make decisions and take actions that make each day count regardless of where we live, what we own or what situation we find ourselves in. It is a good time for reflection to see in what areas we can make changes and in others that acceptance is required if only temporarily. It is important to take care towards others and equally to know how to care for ourselves. There are a number of strategies you can apply to help you with this. The following are just three of those.  1. Stay in the moment especially if you are feeling negative otherwise you may believe that this situation will always be in the future which is not true. Everything changes. 2. Focus on the actions you can take to change your situation – this may require talking to someone professional for assistance. 3. If your head feels overwhelmed because you are overthinking all the issues then learn how to relax, meditate, take up exercise or take time out in a quiet peaceful way – remember to talk to someone.  If you want more information please contact me and I can help you develop a plan for change.  Enjoy the moments and remember a lot of great adventures can be yours.   Till then good health to you all.


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