Dalarna, Sweden with Christina Persson


Friends are vitally important. The ones that are caring and consider how best to be supportive in a given situation. Many people are born into situations where family is not available, have passed on or live abroad. It is important to remember that the consideration of others in our communities can play a vital role in giving people a sense of belonging.Especially when life produces its challenges. Many have seen events they never imagine as our world recession developed.

My friends Christina and Peo are inspiring in their consideration. Christina is recently retired from the Swedish police – well respected for her hard work especially for those in need of help – On the other side just making dinner or packing food for a trip in the forests and considering how best to make it a nice day out adds her special touch to someone’s day. Her visits are always welcome.

Everyone can make a difference. Sweden tends to be more social minded than most. Their treatment of the environment and people has been exemplary. They still have work to do but we could all check out how we can take care of our environment, others and ourselves today. Have fun doing it!!

In Sweden
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