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‘January River’ translated means Rio de Janeiro. Irish woman Marie Byrne, takes us along the streets of Rio and the notorious favelas in preparation for world events. Marie includes her police meetings – interview with the former head of one of the toughest police units in the World the BOPE police and numerous encounters. Marie highlights the parallels that naturally emerge between Ireland today, Rio de Janeiro and international crime, poverty and drug problems. Colourful pictures choreograph the journey – Rio’s beauty, people, poverty and above all resilience.

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Six Traits of Self-Leadership by Michael E. Daly

Six Traits of Self-Leadership will assist and support you to reach your full potential so as to have a more successful and happier life. It will help you to take ownership of your present situation, accept where you are in your life, and then to invest the time and energy in setting out where you want to be. Too many people wait to be hit between the eyes – to experience a moment of clarity about the life they need to live to be happy and successful. But the clarity rarely comes. Instead, it often takes years of trying, failing and trying again: lots of ups and downs and not quite getting it right, but feeling closer and closer to the life you want to live.

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