Angel In The Marble

Angel in the Marble

Your guide through the Drug Age written by an international practitioner who has spent a lifetime supporting those who have had to live through it. With chapters covering drug addiction, how to recognise it, respond to it, the different drug policies and what we can do to resolve these problems. It includes dozens of case histories and carries the message of investing in your personal growth step by step.

This book will help if you are:

A concerned parent who wants to take action. You’ll learn how to recognise the dangers of drugs and personally support your child before it is too late.
Government officials who are responsible for making real changes that have a lasting effect on the treatment of drug users.
A journalist who wants to know more about addiction, social problems and legislation that creates more problems than solutions.
Learn a better approach to drugs/addictions instead of hoping they will go just go away - arm yourself with information so you can really help.

This is what you will learn from this book

• How to stay informed, aware and proactive in finding solutions.
• How to make better decisions and improve personal growth

About the Author

Marie Byrne is an addiction and general issues therapist who helps people to stop using drugs.

Dealing with the fallout of addiction, Marie noticed that parents of drug users suffered as much as everyone. She wrote this book to deal with the issues they faced and to inform parents about how to deal with the issue proactively.

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