About Marie

What you get when you ask me for help is a career long experience of exploring different approaches to developing happier and healthy lives and preventing the damage that can be done by addiction or life's challenges. This has has brought me around the world.

I started working in the field of addiction after seeing the pain and death caused by drugs and alcohol abuse. I trained as a master facilitator in the US,  CBT, person centred, addiction counselling, addiction assessment, group therapy, Reality Therapy/Choice Theory (William Glasser Institute) dual diagnosis, support to organisations and companies, team leadership and more along the way .

I learned how to encourage change by questioning the choices people make, not just with substances but in every area of their life.

I became the National Prevention Coordinator for one of the biggest Programs in Ireland.

I furthered my education and training in Sweden.

I  went to USA where my career path developed towards helping parents, many of whom felt overwhelmed and unprepared when faced with the problems of today. The  program used was a huge success for anyone who was struggling with young people at that time. I took the program to Australia where the government fully supported  it.  Now I use my own updated training for prevention of suffering through personal growth  based on many years experience working with people. I love watching people choose ways that make their life happier. 

Back in Ireland I founded the addiction and recovery charity Aisling Group International which helped thousands of people and for which President McAleese presented the All Islands Special Endeavour Award. Addiction can result from other inner turmoil resulting in the abuse of a substance or activity. Change is possible.

My experiences have made me outspoken. I am direct but it is because I care. This gets me invited a lot to speak at various events and in media.  To my own amazement I found time to write books in order to record and to make my information accessible to everyone.

When I’m not assisting others along their path, I’m travelling on my motorbike. I think there is so much to explore in the world.  I believe that everyone should feel free within in order to enjoy life  fully.

What people say about me

I don’t know how I didn’t see what was holding me back before I came to Marie for help. I can see now from her support that I was getting the same results by repeating the same behaviours. Anne, San Francisco, August 2021

I’ve learned that not everything is my fault and I don’t need to be so hard on myself all the time – it doesn’t help to do that. Time to move on. Michael, Tipperary, July 2021

Want to make a real change to your world?

I uncover the choices you make in relation to your needs and support you developing a clear roadmap to freedom.

Whether you are an individual struggling with personal problems, addiction, a parent concerned with others behaviours, sibling, spouse/partner or an organisation who wants to improve employee relations, I can help you find your solution.

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