About Marie

In the Irish language, Ó Broin (Byrne) means “descendant of Bran”. The name has been traced back to the ancient Celtic chieftain, Bran mac Máelmórda, King of Leinster, deposed in 1018, (d. 1052), who belonged to the Uí Dúnlainge dynasty. He was descended from Cathair Mór, an earlier king of Leinster, who was, according to medieval Irish legend and historical tradition, also monarch of all Ireland around 200 AD. The clan’s motto is the Latin phrase Certavi et vici, meaning "I have fought and conquered"

Marie Byrne is a well known author, freelance journalist, addiction counselor, charity founder, former director Parent to Parent Australia, motorbike tourer, sports enthusiast, played on the Irish team – Olympic Handball.  Now a change consultant - with extensive training, education, lecturing and experience in personal and organizational growth. Educated in the University of Kent at Canterbury, Atlanta Georgia, London, Sweden, Brasil, Australia and Ireland Marie is now internationally respected for her experienced, candid and honest media interviews on many topics especially addiction, suicide, human challenges and personal growth. Marie has given of her time on many occasions as part of her social responsibility. The recession she notes has placed extra burdens on people.'We have to remember what our values are and put people first if we are to grow and develop'. It is necessary to hold on to hope for the future and the goodness of people globally. Good to override evil. She wrote ‘January River’ in Rio de Janeiro supported by Rio police in the famous favelas. The more illusive cultures of this planet are there to learn from.

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