You can check out on my web how to buy my new book and last book. Angel In The Marble can be bought on the link to the publisher.  Any difficulties let me know. I appreciate your feedback.

Hello again, getting into the great weather now, I acknowledge my friends in Australia are on the other end of this just now as they’re in another time zone.  There is much emphasis on cleaning up our environments now and rightly so. All because at last it is acknowledged that toxins in our systems will kill our environment and subsequently humans. My new book Angel In The Marble is on the same line. it’s about how to prevent young people and families getting substances that poison their bodies and indeed can poison or harm the lives of others. It’s common sense and you understand it better than any. My phots were taken in Barra Park in Co. Offaly in Ireland and what a fantastic public amenity for now and the future. So worthwhile keeping these environmental systems clean. So if anyone out there wants to know how to do the same for humans please do check out my book. Companies are also asking just now for assistance to help them learn how to make their working environments safer for everyone – I give advice on how we can through simple methods reduce the opportunity for accidents or lost productivity at work places. I have been advising on how to help employees who are suffering from working with narcissistic colleagues and feeling bullied. Changes can be made and everyone is happier. Maybe not the narcissistic:). It is about reducing access to poisons or substances that are alien to our bodies, reducing the opportunity for others’ use of these substances to impact on our freedom to be healthy and safe and what actions and skills can help us make choices that give us happier and healthier days on this earth.   Remember if you keep doing what you are doing you keep getting what you have got.  At the moment planning proceeds for the motorbike and press tour in Australia. Time is now and time to proceed.  Thanks everyone. Any ideas on this please do contact me. Stay well and happy.   Marie

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