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Hello everyone, I was delighted to show my book Angel In The Marble on national media last week. On Wednesday 10th April I will be on Waterford radio (95.1/97.5fm) with presenter Damien Tiernan at approximately 10.30am. Multi talented Eamon Keane was the previous presenter and has a great background helping people as a therapist which is what he is now applying himself to and hopefully his beautiful music. Anyway I will talk about my book and give information out for parents or caring others who may be concerned or want info about prevention or help for a loved one, someone they work with and need advice on what to do regarding addictions or other. If you are an employer also contact me. So listen in and if you have any comments send them in. Be kind:) Its great to see so many new subscribers to my web site and getting updates on my blogs. thanks for your comments. As I told you previously Boynesider Office Furniture have taken the innovative step of purchasing books (Angel In The Marble) in order to make them available as a resource for people. Some staff-rooms are on the list that they will donate to. What a great idea and a definite gold star for actively carrying out some Corporate Social Responsibility serving the community where it works. Please get in touch if you wish to get involved in this Book For You project. The Meath Chronicle and LMFM have covered my plans for taking the book on tour not just in Ireland, Europe but also Australia where I was Director of Parent to Parent Australia. I have some great friends there and also in sport, media and Government and a recorded short documentary of the travels will show some of them at home – and we will get to see what Corporates are helping with. I want this to be a fun event with lots of positivity  So if you know any companies or people in Australia, USA or Europe who would like to get involved in this project who have ideas for helping communities to be safer and happier and want a link to the company or contact on this web then contact me – or they may want to support the venture in another way with resources – I will be sending out my blog daily during the trip – I would love to hear from you. Attached is a link for motorcycling Australia but my plan is to be somewhat more leisurely on my motorbike over long distances.  We can all get out and help others.

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Some years ago on location in Darwin on my birthday, nice way to celebrate it in the park chatting to some local people.

Below – In Sydney Major Brian Waters, me and former Prime Minister John Howard at a celebration for Corporates supporting communities. As they are based in communities it is just right that they get involved at ground level and add some resources to that area.

‘The life unexplored is the life not lived’ Socrates

So chat to you soon.  Marie

Angel In The Marble and January River are available on this link  or if you want to donate to this project please do so on the web site Donate button or through Pay Pal.

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