I help individuals, parents and organisations to manage change. Dare to dream.

In a world where feeling like a victim gets you nowhere, quick fixes are offered as solutions and people are told they have no power, I promote personal responsibility, better mental health, change and freedom as the best possible choices.

What others say about me

Marie is persistent and never desists from her mission of changing the inaccurate ideas about illegal drugs and addiction. - Colonel Victor Yunes, Chief of Police, Brazil.

The depth of Marie’s insight in the field of addiction is outstanding. – Borje Dahl, Prevention Treatment Centre, Sweden.

Marie is an outstanding person in the field of addiction and working with people generally. - Alan Jones, Sky Australia.


Therapy/Change Consultancy Sessions

Tired of psychobabble?
Discover how to live life to your full potential, in simple language.

Parenting Courses

Distressed by risky behaviour?
Use intervention to prevent your child from entering the world of addiction.

Corporate Workshops

Work related problems?
Learn how to communicate and improve your employee’s workplace and productivity.

My Story

Helping a friend who was in trouble with their problems was the start of my story. At the time, my well-meaning efforts made it more difficult for them to change. This challenged me to find out how best to work with those who want help.

After 30 years as a counsellor, working with parents and communities and championing Preventative training to governments around the world, I remain convinced that we help people more by aiming for the best, encouraging others and unlocking their potential.

People are very resilient and can come back from the greatest challenges. Knowing there is an alternative to living unhappily gives hope – a way forward.

Today I can guide you through the choices and challenges you face daily and help you create a mind set to free you from whatever is holding you back.


January River

Angel in the Marble

Roles I Have Had

  • National Addiction Prevention Co-ordinator with one of the biggest recovery programs in Ireland.
  • Addiction advisor for National and International Police Forces.
  • Director of Parent to Parent Australia.
  • Irish representative in the International Federation of Therapeutic Communities.
  • Founder of Aisling Group International not for profit charity for prevention, recovery and change therapy.
  • I am a frequent Public Speaker on Global and National Radio and TV and to sportspeople and students.
  • Regularly invited as a speaker to governments and NGOs such as European Cities Against Drugs, Northern Ireland Cross Border Parliamentary Session on addiction and Australian parliament.
  • Author of two books.

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